Chairman Message

SunbeamGhazipur is a dream school! It is trying to translate a dream and an ideal intoreality. The dream is of a resurgent India, which can bring back the glory ofancient India, where material, intellectual and spiritual advancement wenthand–in-hand .The India of Buddha and Shankaracharya, Vardhamana and GuruNanak.The India of Askoka, Chanakya, Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi. But whereare we now? We are a nation of 850 million struggling for existence. Many arevery pessimistic about a revival for India. I beg to differ from them! Indiacan have a glorious future if only we find out all that is good in our past andput into practice at least one idea of any one of those eminent men of ours.This is one of the things Vivekananda said among hundreds of things, “ Take upan idea, think of it, dream of it, let all your veins, brains and muscles befull with that idea and just forget all other ideas; success will be yours!“Let me say, our future is assured. Yes, a glorious future is assured, if wehave the will to do it!

SunbeamGhazipur has already achieved high standards in academics and we are proud ofit and are thankful to God Almighty. We are aiming at much more to achieve –totality of all round education. We realize India’s future is being moulded inIndia’s classrooms. And we are trying to create excellence in our classrooms.

Every boyand girl has to show his or her excellence in the classrooms, activity rooms orplay grounds. For this we offer a lot of curricular activities. Every year weadd more facilities.

Perhapsone of the most important aspects at Sunbeam Ghazipur is its value orientation!Some of the emphasis here is not in the curriculum of any board or university.We teach the value of respecting the elders through the motto "Mata,Pitha, Guru, Daivam" or Martha Pitha Guru Ishwar". In sanskrit"Mathru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Guru Devo Bhava".

With thelatest educational technology at hand, in computers or any branch of sciencethey study, we are sure our children can excel anywhere in the world. We expectour children to "Spread the Light", which is our motto. The IndianPrayer “Thamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya” may be interpreted to mean the same. We arepledged to produce the best out-going students among regional Schools. We wantthem to excel in whichever vocation they choose and to become truly usefulcitizens and good human beings. We want some of them to take leading roles inthe country to bring back its ancient glory.

Mr.K.P. Singh


SunbeamSchool, Ghazipur