Director Message

School Education is the foundation on which the entire life script of personis written. It is by far the most important ingredient for success andhappiness. Parents always try to prospect the best available avenues for theirchildren. The more discerning ones look for quality school education which maybring holistic development in their wards. The realization that our world isfast transforming into global village with myriad opportunities, is compellingfarsighted parents to become more and more inclined towards modern concepts inways of imparting education. Also, in the quest for the right school, one mustnot lose sight that in the 21st century, education essentially means developingminds which can create, innovate and apply knowledge and skills.

There is absolutely no second through that in today’s world, English mediumeducation has become irrefutably the most important criteria for success inlife. All the best jobs and vocations require a fairly good command overEnglish. Also, it goes without saying that the foundation for good English communicationskills are laid during the early stages of learning. Thus the choice of theright school for one’s child assumes significance.

To my mind a good school education system should be flexible enough to giveevery child the right opportunity to develop his or her potential to thefullest so that he or she grows into a responsible citizen to contributemeaningfully to the society. Moreover, emphasis should be on buildingcharacter, resilience and leadership qualities. While this is the underlyingphilosophy of our institution, we pursue excellence with schooling optimized.

Children with tender and receptive minds are eagerand natural learners, they are quick to observe and absorb all around them. Weat Sunbeam Ghazipur endeavor to optimize their creative and sport activities.They being free spirits we encourage their imagination to spread wings and notrestricted their thoughts.

Mr. Naveen Kr. Singh
Suneam School, Ghazipur